I Was Beaten and Crippled, Las Vegas, August 2013 ALL COVERED UP

Mandalay Bay, Vegas, Beaten and Crippled, August 2013
Here's the police report I got after the beating and crippling in Vegas, when dressed in costume as Princess Diana, giving a tribute to her new grandson, Baby George. It was all covered up, from police, detective, doctors, hospital, paramedics, lawyers who told me this happened 10,000 times a month in Vegas, Victims Against Violence, Government departments.
Mandalay Beating Police Report.pdf
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I was beaten and crippled, Mandalay Bag, Vegas.
Here's second PDF file of the letter I sent to Victims of Violence in Las Vegas, (and denied because I was too injured and sick to know what to do.)
Mandalay Beating Victims Violence.pdf
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I Was Beaten and Crippled, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, House of Blues
ALL COVERED UP. See other two documents. This is what the Medicaid sent me when they denied me help. Note the bottom one says illegals can get all the help they wanted, but neither my very damaged US Marine Purple Heart Hall of Honor from Vietnam, nor I could get help.
Mandalay Beating Medicaid Denial.pdf
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